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Monday, June 6, 2016

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will call on Angels in all I do."
Today, be aware of the presence of angels all around you.  Angels are in front of you.  Angels are behind you and beside you. 
Call on angels in everything you do.  Looking for  parking spot?  Ask an angel and one will appear.  Feeling lonely?  Call upon an angel for companionship.  In need of healing or protection?  Invite an angel to help with the healing process or to surround you with its mighty protective wings.  Angels are a part of your life.  They exist as sure as you or I exist.  Never doubt their existence or their power to help you in all you need. 
In the morning, before you even get out of bed, invoke an angel in this way, "Good morning, Angels.  Provide me all I need today for protection, companionship, prosperity.    Provide all that is necessary for my process and progress today.  I invite you to intercede to me in all things." 
In the evening, say, "Thank you angels for being an active part of my life today  Thank you for all you have done and all of the lessons I have learned.  Be with me through the night and when I open my eyes in the morning."
During times of challenge or struggle:  "Angels, come to my aid and lend my your strength to overcome this challenge.  Lift this burden from my shoulders."
The angelic realm is here to help us.  They want to help us.  They want us to call upon them.  Their job is to be in service for us. Call on them and watch as the miraculous unfolds in your life.
In Love and Light-Always,

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Today's Affirmation
"Today I will recreate my past."
Did you know that you can recreate your past?  Well, yes, you can. 
Recreating the past is a healing exercise used for reprogramming the memories related to trauma or chronic conditions.    Let me explain.  If you have undergone a trauma (any event which causes long term emotional duress), and this trauma has negatively impacted the way you perceive yourself or live your life, it is possible through meditation and creative visualization, and severe cases, some past life work, and a good healer, to alter the memory so that it creates a positive image which then becomes the reality.
A simple example: 
In the fifth grade, let's say, you were humiliated in front of your peers by an insensitive teacher.  This humiliating experience crippled your delicate fifth grade self, caused you anxiety, made you afraid to go to school, caused you to become self conscious, and made you believe that you were unworthy or that you were stupid. As a result, your entire future was negatively impacted.  And now, (not that it hasn't been a problem) you have decided that you can no longer allow it to hold you back from further progress.  You want to heal yourself and let go of all of the negativity that it caused.
Here is a good way to start the healing process:
Sit quietly and begin breathing--in through the nose and out through the mouth--this is the meditative breath.  Get yourself into a comfortable and relaxed meditative state.  Center and ground yourself.  Ask Universe to provide divine help in this healing process.
Then, recall the day of the event.  It is NOT necessary to feel the feelings or relive the experience.  You are just observing.  Visualize the environment in which you were, the people you were with. 
Now, bring your mind to the moments before the event.  Visualize a different outcome.  Visualize the events proceeding with different actions.
For example:
The teacher calls you to the board in front of the class.  You begin to do the work, the answer you write on the board is correct.  As you stand in front of the board, the teacher smiles at you, tells you the answer is correct, and praises you for your work.  You smile back, filled with pride.  You thank the teacher and the teacher responds positively.  You walk back to your seat beaming with pride and accomplishment. 
This is now the new event.  Replay this event in your mind until it firmly replaces the original event.  As the new memory replaces the old, it becomes the new reality and the old memory ceases to hold sway over your life.  The more you focus on the recreated event, the recreated event manifests as your new reality.
I am not saying that change what happened to you, what I am saying is that you can change the way you remember the event in order to create healing and move beyond the place where you became incapacitated by your experience.
If you choose this process a tool for your emotional healing, then begin by a lesser event.  Use it as practice.  If you have experienced a major trauma:  abuse, incest, etc., I advise you to seek out those professionals and healers to help you through the process. 
In Love and Light-Always,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today's Affirmation
"Today is a glorious day.  All good things are possible."
Today is a glorious day.  All good things are possible.  Try an experiment today.  Only think good thoughts, say good words, and do good actions.  It may very well be a challenge, but it is not one that you cannot overcome.
When we begin to change our thought process and our actions, we make progress in opening up our consciousness and our hearts and allowing more positive energy to enter.  The more focus we put on the positive, the more positive we attract.
Have you ever considered that the negative thinking that you do attracts more negative energy?  Bingo!  It is true.  So if negative energy is what you are after, then have at it.  But, if you are seeking to improve your daily interactions, bring more prosperity and health and success into your life, then you must, and I mean must, work at changing your entire attitude.
So, for today, force the negative thoughts, words, and actions from your day.  Stop yourself from saying that horrible thing or being sarcastic.  Stop thinking that what you are doing sucks.  Stop metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot.,
Instead, Move through your day with deliberation and purpose.  Make a concerted effort to begin a new way of thinking, a new way of speaking, and a new way of doing.  Just wait and see what happens!  It will be wonderful!
In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, January 18, 2016

Today's Affirmation
"Today, I will not be afraid to make a choice."
Sometimes we put off making a choice because we are so afraid of making the wrong choice.  But here is a secret: There are no wrong choices.  Every choice we make will lead us to where we want to go.  Some choices take us directly there, and others take us there, but in a more indirect route. 
What is important to remember is that our choices bring us to where we need to be in order to gain wisdom and knowledge.  When we find ourselves in an awkward position or in a place we would not want to be, it is because there is something of value to learn.
The lessons are myriad.  Sometimes we learn something essential about ourselves, perhaps something about which we were in denial.  Sometimes we learn a lesson about valuable concepts like compassion or tolerance or patience or gratitude.  Sometimes we learn that we must simply slow down and focus on one thing at a time or that we should pay closer attention to what our bodies are telling us so that we can stay healthy.
No matter the lesson, all of our choices lead to knowledge, and we recognize that knowledge, we gain wisdom.  And wisdom is most important above all things.  It helps us to know ourselves better, to know humanity better, to know our environment better.
So dear friends, for today, don't be afraid of making choices.  Choose the best you can and Universe will see that you are provided with exactly what you need to learn the lessons of your life.
In Love and Light-Always,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Today's Affirmation
Today I will continue to work hard to manifest my desires.
We are several weeks into the new year and if you have not thought about new beginnings yet, maybe you should! 
2016 is the last year in a three year cycle.  This year all of the hard work and preparation that you have done in 2014 and 2015 will come to fruition.  Consider what you have let go, what you have planned, what you have been trying to manifest.  All good things are coming!
It is not time, however, to just let things go, no.  It is a time to double your efforts to push your desires over the top into final manifestation.
Expect big changers his year.  And remember, sometimes Universe needs to tear down in order to build up.  Sit tight, work the work, and wait on the will of Heaven to bring what you have worked so hard for into manifestation.
In Love and Light-Always,

Monday, January 11, 2016

Today's Affirmation
Today is a new day.  I will face it with optimism.
Each day is a new day.  We have the option of retreating into our shell or facing the day with courage and optimism.  Today is a day to shed the protective shell and face the world courageously.
Being courageous is really nothing more than a mindset.  It is pushing aside the fear (real or not), detaching from it.  It is putting on your clothes and shoes and grabbing your hand bag or briefcase and heading out the door.
This is the first step to courageously facing the day.  Once we have done this, the rest may come naturally.  People greet you.  Greet them back with a smile and a polite response (even if you don't feel like it).  Make the choice to smile throughout the day.  Make the choice to NOT grumble or complain.  Bite your tongue on negative comments.  Either just smile or make a positive comment or just don't say anything at all.  Sometimes it is better to keep our mouths shut, especially if we don't think we can control what may come out.
Courage is not just for lion tamers or soldiers in a warlike environment or skydivers.  Courage is for average people like you and me.  Today, move courageously through your day.  At the end, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.
In Love and Light-Always,

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today's Affirmation
"I am safe and protected from the all mental, emotional or spiritual attack from others."
Yesterday, I shared a breathing and grounding technique that is very successful and important for you keep yourself focused and steadfast.  The more you focus on yourself, on your own thoughts, on your own body, the less you will be open to those of others.
2-Suit of Armor:  Visualize yourself in a complete suit of armor made from a bright and shining metal.  Really focus on the details of the suit of armor.  The more closely detailed you can visualize it, the more effective it will be. Notice the head piece.  See the shield over your face.  You head is completely encased in this protective helmet. (Just for fun, give yourself a lovely feathered plume in the color(s) of your choice attached to the helmet.)
Now, visualize the breast and back plate, clean, shiny, smooth.  See your arms and hands and fingers completely and safely encased in the shiny metal  Look at the legs and feet, also completely protected in the bright and shiny metal. 
Next, visualize the bright sun gleaming on the bright metal and rading a strong and powerful light around you.  The sunlight is so bright that the glare radiates sever feet around your entire body.  This radiating light adds an extra layer of protection.
Finally, and this is optional, look at your predominant hand, if you are right handed, then your right hand, if you are left handed, then your left hand.  You are carrying a sword.  Focus on the details of sword.  Look at the blade, see how it gleams in the sun.  Look at the sharpness of the blade, so sharp it can slice through even the toughest attack. 
Now look at your opposite hand.  You are holding a shield.  Clearly visualize the shape.    See it clearly.  Notice how large it is, but despite its greatness, it is exceptionally light to hold.  In the middle of the shield, is an emblem, an image that represents strength and protection.  This shield can deflect any negativity, thought, feelings that my come in your direction.  It is another insurance against attack.  Now you are completely surrounded and protected from all dangers, negativity, and thoughts and feelings of others. 
As you progress through your day, keep the image of the suit of armor in mind.  it will remind you just how protected you are.
In Love and Light-Always,